A Road Trip In Poland: Enjoy The Medieval Drive Through Time Through The Eagle Nests Route

Road Trip in Poland

At 154 kilometers long, the Eagle Nests Route is fast gaining traction for being a famed time capsule running back through time in Poland’s religious heart: Częstochowa. Well known for its vast medieval ruins and endless castles littered across the route, it is a tourist magnet.

One of the oldest routes in Poland, the castles were mostly established in the 1400s. Colorful in a myriad of gradients, the stretch of Kroczyce Rocks of over 30 meters reaching the skies creates a platform of beautifully painted colors for a wonderfully scenic drive.

Not just a pretty façade, the road is recognized for its high-quality runways filled with bends and perfectly grinded surfaces meant to bring safe driving to the next level.

Where Does It Run?

The Trail of the Eagles’ Nest when loosely translated: Szlak Orlich Gniazd is in the south-west of Poland. Marked with a trail and over 25 castles, the road goes through Lesser Poland and the Silesian Province more commonly recognized as the Jura region.

Where Does It Start?

Beginning in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Krakow is the first stop for the Eagles Nest Route. Designated as a UNESCO site and previously the capital of Poland before 1956, the city is a contemporary stop for the best entertainment in the country: Casino Krakow.

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Where Does The Route Go?

Before the end of the trail, it goes through several cities such as Morsko and a myriad of different attractions. From the ski-lift in Morsko to the Ojcow National Park, being spoilt with options here is key. The trail is filled with watchtowers and strongholds consisting of Wasasz, Ogrodzieniec, Pieskowa Skala and Ojcow. Well adapted to the burdens of tourist travels, the ruins have been well preserved as the monuments carry the impression of long-lasting ancient beauty.

Where Does The Route End?

Ending in Czestochowa, the city is in south-central Poland. Originally made up of two settlements known as the Old Częstochowa and Jasna Góra which is loosely translated as the ‘Shining Mountain’. Unlike its natural beauty, Old Częstochowa is more commonly seen as a textile industrial city focused on manufacturing and processing.

Road Trip Summary

Better than a time capsule, relish the new memories of castle ruins from centuries back as the highlight of any Eastern European trip. Filled with attractions littered across the route, there is bound to be one that would appeal to you. Make your trip back in time worth the fun as you relax in peace with the monuments of the past.

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