4 Effective Ways to Use TikTok for Travel Marketing

Travel Marketing

Are you a travel marketer wanting to use TikTok to build your brand and get more travel bookings?

If yes! This article is you, which serves as a guide to learning 4 effective ways to use TikTok for travel marketing. TikTok, the rapidly evolving social media platform, is seen as a goldmine for marketers today. There are 50 million people who use TikTok daily. The vast user base hints at the potential customers marketers will be able to target and attract. If you are a travel brand looking to boost your presence on TikTok, utilize Trollishly as it enhances your reach. Before we learn to use travel marketing on TikTok, let’s get the basics right. First, let’s understand what is travel marketing and the benefits of using TikTok.

What Is Travel Marketing?

Travel marketing on TikTok primarily involves the usage of the platform to help the travel brand build visibility and awareness. It also helps gain customers and boost website traffic by posting content related to tourist attractions, travel packages, and deals. TikTok has a huge Gen Z audience and millennial audience.

A recent study indicates that 62% of the Gen Z crowd goes to work to engage in traveling. In addition, studies have also shown that 55 % of millennials spend their time making travel plans rather than retirement plans. Hence, the stats talk volumes about the benefits that TikTok offers travel marketers in reaching their target audience and increasing ticket bookings.

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Why Should Travel Marketers Use TikTok?

Many travel marketers are interested in using Facebook and Instagram or sometimes both. However, TikTok differs from Facebook and Instagram in the following ways:

Users Spend a Significant Amount of Time on TikTok

TikTok users spend more hours every month using TikTok. Studies indicate that TikTok users spend 25.7 hours every month on TikTok. Instagram and Facebook users spend 7.9 and 16 hours monthly on the respective platforms. The more active users are on the app, the easier for brands to reach the crowd they target and promote their brand. You can also buy tiktok likes as it’s very beneficial to enhance visibility and get in front of a larger audience.

Helps Gain More Reach

TikTok is an app that encourages and demands the usage of short-form videos. Creating valuable and entertaining content for your audience helps your content go viral. TikTok does not require its users to have an increased follower count. The quality of your content is what matters.

TikTok Allows You to Collab With Influencers

Influencers are very good at influencing the decisions of their followers on social media platforms. Research shows that 61% of the users on social media trust influencers’ opinions about a brand. Ensure the influencer you hire is a famous face in the travel industry and has many followers. Influencers on TikTok post content more than twice daily. Thus, we can imagine the exposure and reach your brand will be able to get.

Organic Promotion of Your Content

Smaller traveling firms with a tight marketing budget hesitate to use social media sites for promotional purposes. Marketing on other social media platforms requires brands to invest a lot of money.

On TikTok, promoting your content effectively and making it visible on people’s feeds is highly possible. To organically promote your content, you need to ensure that your content is informative, genuine, and highly engaging. Using your creative powers will help you get more likes and comments. As a result, TikTok’s recommendation algorithm will promote your content and make it go viral.

Now that we know what travel marketing on TikTok is, let’s consider the occasion as perfect to learn effective ways to use TikTok for Travel Marketing and implement our learnings to be successful.

4 Effective Ways to Use TikTok for Travel Marketing

Everyone involved in the travel industry, including travel consultants, hotels, and transportation firms, can use TikTok. TikTok is beneficial for promoting tourist destinations and travel packages. To succeed in your promotional efforts, here are 4 Effective Ways to Use TikTok for Travel Marketing and boost your bookings.

Know What’s in Trend and Follow It

The “For You Page” on TikTok helps you know what’s trending on TikTok. Content appearing on the “For You Page” is well-performing and has a good viewership. The “For You Page” mostly displays content that interests you based on TikTok algorithms’ understanding of your content-related preferences. Analyze the “For You Page” to learn what’s trending on TikTok regarding background music, content delivery style, and hashtags.

Make sure to use trending hashtags as it helps your audience discover your content and your brand on TikTok. To gain knowledge about trending hashtags, watch well-performing videos of your competitors to get some ideas.

Conduct TikTok Challenges

Conducting challenges on TikTok is a fantastic way to engage with your audience and promote brand discoverability on TikTok. For example, consider making a video of some famous food in a particular tourist spot and encourage your audience to try them out. Ensure the video of your food is short and the recipe is easy.

You can also encourage your audience to post pictures of the recipe they tried watching your video and tag you on TikToK.

Featuring an Employee at Work in Your TikTok Video

You can consider shooting a video of a travel guide belonging to your agency escorting your customers to the different tourist spots. Shoot videos of the guide engaging your tourists in fun and entertaining activities. For example, it could be activities where the guide explains the history of a tourist spot by telling a story or sharing fun facts about a place, giving the customers a good laugh.

Videos that feature elements of fun and humor go viral on TikTok. Such videos speak a lot about your brand and the importance you give your customers. If you are a business person who needs to drive engagement with your target audience, opt to use Trollishly to upgrade your reach instantly.

Post Informational Content

Posting informational and rich content on TikTok helps get more reach and engagement. For example, you can post information about adventurous activities, tasty food spots, and weather conditions during different seasons in a particular tourist destination. Ensure the content you post is highly relevant and factual.

Final Thoughts

We believe the four effective ways to use TikTok for travel marketing will help you stay on top of the game on TikTok. We recommend you use all four strategies to help you achieve your business and marketing goals.

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