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7 Things To Do While Camping Trip

Things to do while camping

Camping can provide bonding opportunities for you and your family or friends. It doesn’t matter whether you are staying in an RV or a tent. The most important thing is that you get to enjoy the thrills of camping.

You do not need to worry about running out of ideas when outdoors. In fact, there are tons of easy-to-do activities when camping. Without further ado, here are seven incredible things to do while camping.

7 Best Things To Do While Camping

1. Play Group Games

I find group games interesting, especially on the first night of camping. This is when everyone is probably tired, and getting started on a demanding activity can be overwhelming.

A group game is the perfect icebreaker for the remaining activities on camp. Listed next are some easy-to-play group games that do not require any material.

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  • Animal Alphabet

It is a suitable game for kids. Here’s how the game is played. First, you need to form a circle and have someone (a leader) stay in the middle. The leader begins by calling the name of an animal with the letter A. The person in front of the leader continues with the letter.

Keep the game running and note how many times each player can name an alphabet within a specific alphabet group. I’d recommend splitting the camp into groups to increase the competition.

  • Murder In The Dark

For this game, you require a large number of players. You may need to get a larger tent to accommodate everyone. A darkroom and a deck of cards are the requisites to get this game started.

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2. Organize A Biking Competition

Biking is another fun way to enjoy your camping experience. This exercise is great for groups with bike riding knowledge.

So, if this is something you like, get your bikes ready for your next trip. The first thing is to determine a safe biking route and create a race circuit. You can do this by using paper makers such as colored cardboard.

Using the cardboard to mark the race circuit may make navigation easier for each player. Create a group of two and set a timer to get the game started. Then, one player from each group competes. The team that finishes three laps in the least possible time wins.

3. Engage In Storytelling And Playacting

Storytelling and playacting are activities that never go out of style and one of the best things to do when camping with family. What’s better? Getting started is pretty easy. All that is needed is a story and a cast if acting.

The main goal is to engage the camp party in an exciting activity. Whichever character you dim fit for each member on camp, ensure you have your script ready beforehand.

4. Go Kayaking or Canoeing

Water activities are one of the ways to cool off during camping. Kayaking and Canoeing can be another way of keeping yourself active on camp. Add to the fun by getting gears and essential safety equipment.

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5. Learn or Practice Some Survival Skills

Survival skills are necessary in case there’s an unpleasant situation while camping. Teach each member on camp and have them practice some of these basic survival skills.

  • How to start a fire.

The importance of a good fire cannot be understated. That is why members of your party must know how to start one even when igniting materials are not available.
Some things to teach are how to get a fire started with friction and sparks. You can use stones, sticks, steel, and many more.

  • Food and Shelter

Without a doubt, both of these are necessities in human life. You can teach the group how to set a trap or a make-shift residence, hunt little animals and fish, and make their food if needed. Also, you could educate them about good shelter choices when camping. For example, how insulated tents help protect against harsh weather.

  • First-Aid

Everyone must have a basic knowledge of first aid, such as disinfecting wounds and bandaging. It is essential in case of an emergency.

6. Identify Animal Tracks

On of the best fun things to do while camping is Identifying animal tracks, especially if you love hunting. It is great because not everyone can recognize animal tracks.
You may use online resources to see the list of animals in your camp locality and what their tracks look like.

7. Make a Video

This is a small but majorly overlooked part of camping. If you are one for keeping memories, then I believe making videos of your camping activities may be fun. You could include a tripod in your camping gear to ensure seamless capturing.

After camp, you get to watch all your activities at home. I find it lovely to see all my wild adventures on screen with my family. Don’t forget to get a camera for your next camping trip.

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Final Thoughts

Camping is not only about enjoying the wilderness but also a great opportunity to build relationships with your family and friends. Those tips and mentioned above things to do while camping can help make your journey much more fun and create a moment in your life with joyful memories.

Just check these best things to do when camping and follow mentioned tips on your next camping trip and share your story with us. You may notice that sharing is also an important part of the journey. It will make your happiness last longer, and resonating with others will make you feel great too.

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