The 5 Best Camping Spots on the Texas Coast

Camping Spots on the Texas

With the nice weather finally upon us, the urge to grab your hiking tent and all your camping gear to head out into a great outdoor adventure is getting harder to resist.  The only remaining question is – where to go? Here is our selection of the five best camping spots on the Texas Coast. 

All you have to do is choose the destination that is to your liking, and pick up your camping equipment and accessories with you like hiking waist pack, backpacks, jackets, fire lighting & cooking, 12 person tent if you are camping with friends and family.

5 Best Camping Spots on the Texas Coast

1. South Padre Islands 

If you enjoy more tourist-friendly beaches instead of secluded ones that are merely on the edge of a small coastal community, your best bet would be to head out to one of the beaches on the Padre Islands. 

These beaches offer everything that comes to mind when you think of beach towns. There are tourist attractions, waterparks, and other similar things meant to attract visitors. The beaches are covered in nice sand, and all you need to stay there is a camping permit that you can get for free at the campsite entrance.

Both North and South beaches offer RV and primitive camping options. There are no reservations, so the whole place works on a first-come, first-served basis. 

As a result, these places are loaded with people, mostly a younger crowd. This makes these beaches an excellent spot for those of you who want to go camping with friends and make some new ones along the way. 

There are toilets and (cold) showers at your disposal at Malaquite Visitor Center when it comes to amenities. Also, there are several grills spread throughout the beach, but you can start your fire as long as it is made in a firepit and dug into the ground. 

Bring enough food, fuel, and supplies, as the closest civilization is twelve miles from the beaches. 

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2. Matagorda Bay 

If you want to camp both near a river and the ocean, you can’t go wrong with camping at  Matagorda bay. 

Matagorda Nature Park is located near the Colorado River while also offering the visitors roughly two miles of beachfront. This means that you get the best of both worlds. 

There are many nature-based activities, such as kayaking, beachcombing, and horseback riding. 

If you are into primitive camping, there is a smaller park portion at your disposal, with thirteen predetermined sites for camping. Keep in mind that even those are not entirely primitive, as each location has a barbeque and a fire pit. 

The rest of the park is excellent for those who want a more traditional camping experience. There are several dozen camping sites at your disposal, with nineteen of them located right at the waterfront. 

3. Sea Rim State Park 

This is another location where you can go wild or go mild. 

Sea Rim State Park is located in Port Arthur, and while their classical camping grounds are nothing to look down at, what makes this place stand out from the rest is their selection of primitive camping grounds that offer you a chance to camp on the water. Yup. 

Two miles from the boat ramp, located in the park march, you will find its unique camping grounds. You see, each camper gets a thirteen by twenty inches floating wooden campsite that they get to call their home during the camping trip.

Since this is a rather exceptional camping experience, there are no toilets on the site and no ash-producing fires allowed. Also, you need to register before staying at this campsite, but it is well worth it. 

4. Mustang Island State Park 

Whether you crave adventure or want your camping trip to be a bit more structured and organized, you cannot go wrong with Mustang Island State Park. 

You will find fifty primitive camping sites and forty-eight sites with electricity and running water along its five miles long coastline. Of course, there are many activities such as geocaching, fishing, and mountain biking at your disposal, but that is not the main draw of this destination. 

The most attractive feature that Mustang Island State Park has to offer is its twenty miles long paddling trail. A network of water trails offers many different paths and ways to enjoy it. 

Each one is ideal for activities such as fishing, sightseeing, and birdwatching

5. Lighthouse Resort & Marina 

Finally, here is an option for those of you who would rather camp on a lake beach. 

Lighthouse Resort & Marina is located near Lake Texoma, north of Dallas. This place is perfect for nature lovers and campers that are not that experienced. 

It offers plenty of spots for RV camping, but you can also rent a cabin close to the beach. Same as any other place on this list, this resort has many water-based activities and ways for you to have fun.

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