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Best Way to Get Free Flights with Travel Credit Card

Do you wish to fly around the world, that too for free? You will be surprised to know that people do travel to destinations of their choice for free, that too in first class. Do you want to know how? You will know by reading this blog.

Travelers who fly frequently, have even got the opportunity to have a free flight, just by collecting rewards through their credit card. Many have found this method of traveling quite complicated, time-taking, and out of reach. However, it is not that a difficult task to enroll yourself in his reward game.

In this blog, you will learn all the techniques to start using credit cards and rewards programs to fly for free!

1. Sign up for rewards programs

The very first step to getting started with the reward program is to sign up for the account, whether you are traveling on a plane, shopping on a shopping portal, renting a car or using your credit card.

redeem rewards points

Here are some of the best airline programs to sign up for-

  • United Mileage Plus
  • British Airways partners
  • Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
  • American Advantage

British Airways have joined hands with American Airlines, implying that you can redeem your currency for both domestic as well as international flights. It is always profitable to earn miles with each of these programs, as they have various requirements for redemption. If you have miles in your accounts, you will have several options while booking your flight.

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2. Register yourself on the best credit cards

If you want to boost your rewards account, you need to sign up for a rewards credit card. Every major gives you the option of availing a credit card along with a sign-up bonus. You can spend at least 1 mile per $1 with the help of such airline credit cards. If you can properly utilize these credit cards, you can even earn one round trip ticket with the help of the miles.

3. Sign up for dining programs

Dining out is a fashion nowadays and who doesn’t love to relish the taste of outside food. But have you ever thought of earning points while eating out? Every airline has a partnership with dining programs, with the help of which you can save a few dollars while eating at participating restaurants. To get this facility, you just need to sign-up for the credit card, the one that can earn you rewards. You can earn extra miles with this credit card whenever you dine at a participating restaurant.

However, you need to keep in mind that you cannot register the same credit card to earn miles for various programs. Therefore, it is suggested that you register with credit cards that will earn you that extra mile on dining. In this way, you will be able to collect that extra t mile whenever possible.

4. Manage your rewards and mileage programs

Managing your multiple rewards programs is not an easy task. However, you can do it with the help of the Award Wallet. Award Wallet keeps track of all the account balances, travel plans, and expiration dates, without charging any fee. The wallet not only keeps track of the remaining balances but will also notify you when your balance is really low. In this way, you’ll never miss the opportunity to earn a free flight before your points get expired.

5. Reach the minimum spend requirements on credit cards

One of the common mistakes that one can do while using a reward credit card is skipping out the sign-up bonus because you have not crossed the minimum amount that needs to be spent. You need to spend money from a range of $1 – $10,000. Your everyday expenditure and household bills on these cards can easily make you reach the minimum spending requirements.

Thus, if you want to enjoy the luxury of a free flight, you need to follow these few tactics while using your travel credit card.

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