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5 Haunted Places in Brazil to Explore

Haunted Places in Brazil

If you are looking for a place in South America for a spine-tingling experience, then brazil is surely the best destination to be. The country that holds about half of the continent, Brazil look stunning and picturesque with its cascading waterfalls, pristine beaches, magnificent mountains, eye-catching wildlife, sparkling lakes. However, Brazil is much more than that. It boasts several haunted places with horrible past and tales. So, if you are an adventure seeker and wish to enjoy a nerve-racking experience, then visit the famous haunted places in Brazil and get fascinated by the mysteries stories and secrets. 

Top 5 Haunted Places in Brazil To Explore

Brazil is a perfect amalgamation of rich cultural heritage and western amenities. This surreal destination has everything to lure the holidaymakers and thus it is frequently traveled by backpackers, family vacationers, solo travelers, honeymooners and adventure enthusiasts. Read about some of the haunted houses in Brazil and get a bone-chilling experience. 

1. Joelma Building

One of the top-known haunted places in Brazil, Joelma Building will surely enthrall you with its terrifying story and horrible experiences. It is said that in 1975, a tragedy had happened owing to the electric fault and over 476 people died within 20 minutes. This building was reconstructed after this mishappening. But still, visitors usually claimed that they feel something negative in the building and saw the ghosts as well. 

2. The Dream Beach

Confused to see this name on the list of haunted places? Well, you should be as one might never think about the same. Located in Sao Paulo, this beach is perfect for enjoying nerve-tangling experience. It is believed that a couple unfortunately died on the beach and their ghosts are still roaming around. Visitors have claimed that they have seen two decomposed figures and also have heard disembodied voices. Make Delta Airlines reservations to Brazil today and enjoy a thrilling experience. 

3. Brasilia City Hall

What if doors, windows and cabinets of the building shut automatically when the place is isolated? Isn’t it horrible? Well, you can get exactly this hair-raising experience in Brasilia City Hall. It is said that this city hall was earlier a mortuary and a large number of bodies were buried and stored there, owing to which a mysterious sounds are usually heard. 

4. Minas Gerais, The Grande Hotel

Yet another haunted place on the list is Minas Gerais, The Grande Hotel. Visitors have reported that they feel negative vibe throughout the hotel and witness something highly mysterious in room number 204. The incidences include weird noises, door knocking, ghostly figure, and a strange coldness all around the hotel.

5. The Petropolis Museum

Let’s wrap up the list of famous haunted places in Brazil with The Petropolis Museum. Built in the middle 19th century, this museum is ideally located in the huge palace of Emperor Dom Pedros. It is believed that his ghost has trapped in the building and still haunts the visitors.

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