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Christmas Destinations: 7 Best Places To Visit For Christmas In The World

Places To Visit For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time for merry-making and having lots of fun! Snowy paradises and beaches are awaiting your arrival, and you have to go and enjoy the very best. Drink hot chocolate while cozying around in Iceland watching the Northern Lights, or you can even heat things by visiting a tropical beach for the Christmas party! The celebration of Christmas is beyond religion, and everyone seems to enjoy it during the Christmas season. So, if you have not made any plans for Christmas, then it’s time you start packing your bags and leaving for some beautiful places to visit for Christmas in the World.

7 Best Places To Visit For Christmas In the World

1. England, London


Christmas in London is about simple fun and ice skating in the traditional Christmas markets and the Christmas shows. Oxford Street looks so gorgeous with all its lighting shimmering from the famous shopping district or the Christmas events in various parts of London.

London treats you to the best of Christmas foods and gorgeous cafes around the city. To meet Santa, visit WWT London Wetland Centre, Rainforest Café, Royal Albert Hall, etc.

2. Lapland, Finland

Lapland Place to Visit During Christmas

If you are excited about meeting Santa this Christmas, The Arctic Circle is the one of the cheapest places to visit for Christmas! The ever-smiling man wearing red and white is the most prestigious resident of the place during Christmas. You can follow him to the reindeer-dotted forests and see his elves planning secretly regarding gifts to all.

The city looks magical during Christmas, a sight which is to behold, and if you want to see Christmas, this is the place you should be visiting. Lapland also has a “Santa Park” that can be a fun place for you.

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3. Iceland


Iceland is not just an escape from the scorching summer heat. This fairy tale land is a definite visit during Christmas with its rugged terrains looking fantastic and slaying the mystical stay and the contemporary Reykjavik waiting to unfold surprises the moment you enter the place.

The nightlife adorns you with its beauty, and you can soak in the nightlife by absorbing the café culture or even taking a dip into the Blue Lagoon for tickling to your fantasies. Iceland is undoubtedly a land for all the frosty tales and charms.

4. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich Best Christmas Destinations

Zurich is one of the best Christmas destinations. The hinterlands of Switzerland are covered with chocolates, snow-cobbled streets, and Santa during Christmas, making it look so heavenly. Of course, the place starts looking so stunning during Christmas, with the markets usually remaining so crowded and people enjoying city walks and singing carols along with the Christmas trees.

With high enthusiasm, the city invites its visitors to Zurich to spend Christmas, making it the most enjoyable time of their lives.

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5. Munich, Germany


Now, if you want to witness Christmas, Munich is one of the outstanding places for celebrating Christmas. Munich’s winter means seeing a 100-foot-tall Christmas tree lit up completely and decorated with glitzy lights. In addition, the streets of Germany see many Christmas Markets that look majestic because of the shimmering lights spread all over.

Other things to check out here are the mulled wine and gingerbread served on the trams running all across the city. Also, don’t forget to check out the live holiday music you can see from the balcony as it is so much pleasing.

6. Riga, Latvia


The Christmas market of Latvia in the Town Hall Square attracts so many visitors to Latvia. It hosts many children’s events like pony rides; horse drew carriages, etc. Riga is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations for Christmas in the world. You can enjoy many delicacies and explore handmade woollen socks, wooden candlesticks, Latvian honey, etc.

7. Shimla, India


Shimla is one of the best places to visit for Christmas. Shimla receives heavy snowfall in the winter months, due to which the mountains here are covered with snow, whose view is not less than heaven. It would be best if you visited Shimla during Christmas or New Year. Celebrating your Christmas in Shimla will be an experience you will cherish throughout the year. You can enjoy here many adventure sports and parties during Christmas time.

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These are some of the best places to visit during Christmas! So, which place are you planning to spend your Christmas this year?


1. Where should I go for Christmas in India?

In India many best places to visit for Christmas, Here are one the best Christmas destinations Goa, Shimla, Mumbai, and Delhi.

2. Where is the cheapest places to visit during Christmas in world?

* Lapland, Finland
* Munich, Germany
* The Vatican, Italy
* New York City, USA
* Dublin, Ireland

3. Which country celebrates Christmas first?

New Zealand is the first country celebrate Christmas first.

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