Guide To Renting An Apartment In Las Vegas

Apartment in Las Vegas

At first, you might think living in Las Vegas will be costly and inefficient. But, this is not the case at all. Sin City offers a plethora of entertainment and recreational activities. However, did you know that it offers excellent housing opportunities as well? The tax benefits in this state are remarkable as there is no state income tax and low property taxes. This implies that rental and housing rates are much cheaper than those in notable cities like Los Angeles or New York. There are many more reasons and things to look out for when choosing Vegas as your new residence. Whether you are planning to stay temporarily or permanently moving in, consider the following tips in finding an apartment in Las Vegas.

5 Tips To Find Apartment In Las Vegas

1. Research & Planning

The city has a lot of things to discover. Conduct your research on the apartment you desire and which neighborhood it is located in. You should also consider how close it’s to your workplace, transportation, and amenities. The Strip is famous for its endless offerings, but living on or near it can be costly. The further away you are from the Strip or downtown, the cheaper rates will be.

Apart from apartments, other housing rentals in the city include homes for rent and condos. Homes for rent are typical houses with a neighborhood or suburb feel. Condos are similar to apartments with luxurious amenities.

2. Know & Prepare Necessary Documents

What documents are required for renting an apartment? It could be your bank statements, proof of income, and a valid ID. Most landlords and managers require credit and background checks. Ensure that you have a good credit score; this avoids further complications. Some landlords would give higher fees to those with bad credit.

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3. Allocate Budget

Prepare for two types of expenses, upfront costs and living costs. Upfront costs are all the expenses and fees you will pay during the apartment application. Living costs are your daily or monthly expenses; it includes your food, utilities, rent, and insurance. The prices of an apartment would vary with its neighborhood and size. The closer it is to the Strip and the more bedrooms it has, the more expensive it is. Utilities are the same; they vary depending on the size of the apartment and what period of the year.

4. Amenities & Facilities

List all the things you might need in an apartment and compare them to the available listings. You should always prioritize your comfort when renting a new place. Ensure that the rentals have functioning utilities, such as water, electricity, internet, and trash disposal. Most apartments have gyms and pools, which you can use for recreational activities. You might also prefer living near grocery stores, laundromats, and restaurants. All of these affect the price of an apartment; the more luxurious and convenient the amenities and facilities, the more costly it can get.

6. Activities

Consider what other activities you might do when residing in the city. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor recreational activities, the city has tons of them. Living near entertainment spaces and geographical features would benefit you with numerous activities to accomplish, though it can cost you a fortune. However, there is no problem with living farther from the city center as traffic is not severe compared to that of LA and SF. It takes less than an hour to navigate from one side of the city to the other, so it’s unlikely that you will be late for work or other activities.


Living in Las Vegas is not as costly as it may seem. The prices in the city are way more reasonable than those in other notable cities. Pair this with low housing taxes and zero state income tax; this city can be cost-friendly. Price, neighborhood, and amenities are the three primary factors to consider when planning to get an apartment in the city. With all these in mind, you can find an apartment that accommodates your needs and comfort.

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