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Hundreds Of SBI ATM Card Block In Himachal

State bank of India has blocked around Six lakh debit cards in all over India and also blocked hundreds of ATM card in Himachal Pradesh. With millions of customers across the country by cyber criminals to swindle the bank took this step as a precautionary measure. HP, along with other states for the protection of the bank ATM card was taken.

The exact number of cards in Himachal block is not known, but their number is said to be in the hundreds debit-card-machine. The Bank is providing these customers new ATM card. Indeed, in many parts of the country, State Bank ATM cards by cyber criminals to clone the past there were millions of cases. Cloning their ATM cards to withdraw tens of millions of them. Many SBI bank customer are frustated It was cheating with those customers who used their cards in a special bank ATMs. Over six lakh customers in the country were reported to the State Bank, who used their card in the bank’s ATM and ATM cloning Shatiron his suicide. The cloning of ATM cards used to online shopping, pay bills and withdraw cash from ATMs have been. Several customers of the bank have found their ATM cards to be blocked. SBI has informed branches about the cards being blocked and fresh cards would be issued to customers. Customers need not panic and new ATM card will be issue by bank early with new ATM pin.

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