Golf Holiday: TOP 5 Countries All Over The World

Golf Holiday

Golf is enjoyed by people around the globe.

Most countries have at least one course for tourists to try out.

Five nations in particular stand out due to their high quality golfing experiences.

Let’s see what Namibia, Japan, Great Britain, USA and Italy have to offer! Maybe one of them will be your next golf holiday destination?

5 Best Golf Holiday Destinations Around The World

1. Namibia: Best Golf Holiday Destination In Africa

Whilst Egypt and Mauritius have a plethora of rich greens, Namibia is arguably the superior place to enjoy golf in Africa.

Namibia currently contains 15 different courses.

Visitors should check out Windhoek Country Club for the most luxurious experience. The course is spread out across 72 hectares of bush veld and trees.

Three holes have wetlands which the ball needs to bypass.

Attached to the club is a four-star resort. There you can relax after a long day under the African sun.

The capital city of Windhoek is close by.

If you want, you may visit many fantastic places in Namibia – including Sossusvlei and “the ghost city” of Kolmanskop.

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2. Japan: Golf Holiday in Japan Is an Unforgettable Experience

Japan is not the place if you want to travel cheap.

If you want to enjoy sushi, unique culture and some perfect golfing moments, Japan is a right choice.

Golfing in Japan is unique as it gives players the chance to experience the luscious landscape of this country.

The best courses tend to be members only.

A good example of this is Tokyo Golf Club, which contains fairways that get narrower as the person progresses through to the elevated greens.

The Hirono Golf Club is also extremely prestigious.

It is considered by many to be the greatest testing ground for golfers in all of Japan. It is only 6,925 yards long but still manages to offer a variety of obstacles.

The Hirono Golf Club has hosted the Japan Open, as well as many other major tournaments.

Perhaps you do not want to get a membership for a short holiday. Then the best choice for golf would be Ise Country Club. This place was opened in 1965, and it is one of the 20 best golf courses in Japan.

3. Great Britain (Scotland): Golfer’s Paradise?

Great Britain might not be the first choice when you think of holiday destinations – unless you’re a golfer.

Golf lovers could find many interesting places while traveling in Great Britain – especially in Scotland. Scotland might be the best golf holiday destination!

Scotland has been called the home of golf due to historical links to this sport and golfers travel from all over the world in order to enjoy its courses.

The best ones will be centuries old and offer stunning views.

Tourists tend to favor St Andrews as it gives them a chance to enjoy a truly pure round of golf.

Muirfield and Eden are also very popular.

Other things to do in Scotland: visiting numerous castles, tasting whiskey and hunting for Loch Ness Monster.

To be honest, there are many other things to do. That is the reason why so many tourists come to Scotland again and again.

4. USA – Many Unique Golf Holiday Destinations

The United States is huge and therefore it is unsurprising that there are so many great courses.

Did you know that New York is the home of iconic pros such as Tiger Woods?

Florida will appeal to anyone looking for a good quality but inclusive public course. For example Streamsong Resort Red is a good choice for a golf holiday.

Florida also offers lots of sun. If you are not so interested in sunbathing, you may visit some amusement parks or Kennedy Space Center – or keep on golfing.

Golf lovers may also find themselves in Hawaii.

Hawaii has seen a surge in golf tourists because of the natural beauty and good weather of this state.

If somebody says he loves to golf when it’s raining, he lies. It is always better when the weather is like… in Hawaii.

Hawaii is the right choice for you also if you are keen on surfing. One day on the golf course, the next day on the beach – why not?

Let’s not forget the volcanoes. It is not hard to find reasons for traveling to Hawaii.

Too far? No problem: there are plenty of other areas within the USA that provide golf courses to paying members of the public.

5. Italy: Historical Italy Means La Dolce Vita for Golfers!

Europe is arguably the supreme continent for golf.

It is possible to spend an extended road trip moving from country to country exploring the different courses on offer.

Unfortunately, that kind of road trip demands a lot of time.

If the player wants to stay in a single nation, they could choose Italy.

It boasts more than 200 courses.

The most historically rich one is Roma Acquasanta.

Other ones of similar high quality include Villa d’Este and Biella.

All roads lead to Rome, and that is good: Rome is definitely the place to visit.

Rome has something for everybody. You won’t ever forget Italian cuisine or those historical sites and beautiful parks (if you are able to stop golfing for sightseeing).

The best time to visit Rome is either spring or autumn. Winter months can be too cold. You might enjoy golfing (it keeps you warm), but not freezing in the hotel, restaurant or Colosseum.

Summer (especially July–August) can be too hot, but if that is not a problem for you, go ahead!

Rome is only one example of all the cities in Italy. Other famous tourist destinations (also for golf lovers) are Milan, Florence, Genoa and Turin.

Italy will appeal to people who never want to stop playing golf.

Golfers could enjoy thousands of hours of game within Italy alone.

There you can enjoy La Dolce Vita (the sweet life)!


In this article you find some information on golfing in Italy, Scotland, Namibia, Japan and USA.

There are plenty of good golf holiday destinations all over the world. Where ever you are traveling, you may find a suitable golf course.

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