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If you are a frequent flyer, then you must have noticed the royal treatment that the First Class passengers receive in a flight. When you see First Class passengers walking down the aisle in a stress-free manner or hitting the premium lounge to relax or to enjoy good food and drink, you might be wishing to be one of these passengers. However, you might take a step back because of a huge difference in the cost of the First Class flight tickets with Economy Class. Flying First Class can cost you a bit. But, thankfully, there are some smart tricks which you can follow to get cheap First Class airfares.

It is an important point to remember that you can get First Class tickets at very economical rates if you follow these guidelines. Here are some of them:


Research is the first and the most important part of flying First Class without breaking the bank. It is advised to take some time to do research of the airlines offering cheap First Class airfares. You can also make a list of these airlines to find the one that suit your purpose, need and most importantly your budget.


It is one of the smartest ways to fly in style, comfort and luxury that too at affordable way. Making a comparison of your listed airlines can save your hard-earned money while giving you an opportunity to enjoy all the amenities offered by an airline to its First Class guests. Make sure that you start the process by comparing the prices of the tickets offered by the airlines. Then, you can proceed to find out the facilities they will offer along with cheap First Class airfares.

Start Using Elite Credit Cards

Getting cheap First Class flights becomes easy and convenient if you have elite credit cards or travel cards. Many airlines offer travel rewards on such cards. Having a Mileage Plus Card is a jackpot. This card offers big bonuses when you sign up for booking First Class flight tickets.

Look for Deals & Discounts

If you are flexible with the destination and the time of flying, then you might enjoy all the facilities offered to First Class passenger without hitting your pocket. When you are flexible, you can wait for the airline to come up with the best deal on First Class tickets. Some of the airlines facilitate travel enthusiasts by offering them lucrative discount on flight booking even on First Class. So, to fly in luxury, comfort, and style without paying much for it, you are advised to keep a track of your listed airlines to find an offer, deal or discount catering to your requirement and budget.

Find Low-Cost Airlines

Make an effort to find low-cost airlines to avail cheap First Class flights. It is one of the major keys to fly First Class at economical rates. But make sure to find the amenities the low-cost airline you choose will provide in the flight. Find out whether you will have access to the airport lounge and the entertainment and relaxation facilities offered by an airline to its First Class guests.

Now, that you know the tricks to find cheap First Class airfares. You might be wondering what benefits exactly you will get by giving so much effort in finding the right airline, best deal on First Class flight tickets.

Read on to know the main perks of flying First Class:

Stress-Free Journey

First Class will give a relief from the stress of fulfilling all the formalities of air travel. You don’t have to stand in the queue to get your baggage checked. Dedicated staff of the airline provides prompt service to First Class passengers with the carry-on and other baggage check-in procedure. The passengers can get their baggage on a priority basis.

Buying First Class tickets will give you access to the luxury lounge of the airport. There you can enjoy sumptuous food with good beverages. Also, you can avail relaxing spa treatment and can even take a shower before boarding the flight.

Priority boarding is the best part of flying First Class. The passengers don’t have to wait for their turn to get their boarding passes checked by the staff of the airline. The boarding pass will be screened immediately after they arrive the airport by the airline’s staff.

Superb Amenities

The amenities provided to First Class passengers are special. Apart from enjoying priority check-in, the guests can have special security access. They can have delightful snacks with good food and beverages on the premium lounge of the airport. Some airlines facilitate their First Class guests with a personal inflight chef and en-suite shower.

Recliner seats can be extended to form a bed in First Class. Complimentary chauffeur services are also provided by some airline to their elite passengers.

Work Opportunity 

Corporate First Class passengers can have the opportunity to work before reaching the destination while flying. With sufficient space, strong yet free Wi-Fi, power outlets, corporate travelers flying First Class can get their work done in peace and comfort. They can make themselves prepared before planning a meeting on the flight.

Added Space 

The most precious amenity of flying First Class is extra leg and elbow room. It is beneficial for enthusiasts traveling to long distances. They can fly in comfort and can make their recliner seats lie in the position of a bed. Stretching legs and getting some time to sleep is what every long-distance traveler with for.

Spending money on First Class tickets can make you feel home-like. You can get a bed to take a power nap or can relax throughout the journey.

Flying First Class is not expensive if you do some research work, compare the ticket prices and find the best deal and discount offered by an airline on First Class flight tickets.

It is true that research and compare can save your money even when you are flying First Class. At the same time, it is also important to consider the reputation of the airline with which you are planning to fly. Make sure that you have a thorough reading of their policies and rules before making the final deal.

Also, consider the customer reviews, feedback before investing in an airline. Getting recommendations from your friends or family is also a key to travel smartly and wisely.

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