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8 Future Trends for the Travel and Tourism Industry

Future Trends for the Travel

Unsurprisingly, a global pandemic that required billions of people to stay put in their homes has had a profound impact on the tourism industry. But travel lovers have no need to despair: travel in 2021 will offer a new dawn of possibilities at a safer, healthier, socially-distanced standard.

There are many obvious and not-so-obvious trends to anticipate in the upcoming year. Read on as we walk you through our top 8 future trends for the travel and tourism industry.

Here Are The Top 8 Future Trends For The Travel And Tourism Industry.

1. The Rise of Wellness Travel

Ever heard of spa tourism, hibernation holidays, or immunity boosting retreats? They’re all part of a rapidly booming sector of tourism known as “wellness tourism,” in which people travel to relax, rejuvenate, and broaden their health horizons. 

It’s clear why people want to focus on their health and immunity this year, but this form of travel also has a lot to do with getting back in shape. Many people became sedentary and/or gained weight this year due to gym closures and the struggle to adapt to indoor fitness. 

Examples of wellness travel include: weight loss programs, spa retreats, nature immersion, mindfulness resorts, and cycling tours. Wellness tourists can visit the Dead Sea to rejuvenate their skin, go on a spiritually-centered yoga retreat in Indonesia, or try hiking between waterfalls in Iceland.

2. Increased Local or Domestic Tourism

Many places in the world are experiencing a second lockdown, or have closed state or country borders. Since we don’t know how long this will persist, many people are planning 2021 vacations much closer to home to be safe and ensure their plans won’t be cancelled.

If you take the time off work to schedule a vacation, chances are you’re going to want to go somewhere more exotic than your backyard. Now is the perfect excuse to explore the areas around you, such as nearby national parks that you’ve never before explored. 

3. Private Accommodations

We all saw crowded tourist destinations like cruise ships, hotels, and theme parks become hotspots for the virus this year. Travel in 2021 is certainly going to have a heavy lean towards private accommodations. 

Private bookings are not just vastly superior for social distancing, but they’re also often far more luxurious. Think a luxury beachside villa, Airbnb, private cabin in the Smokies, or a small bungalow on the bay. Private accommodation is a lot more personal and intimate than your traditional resort, so couples who want to get away after this stressful year might also consider a romantic retreat.

4. Reduced Flight Prices

Possibly the worst-hit industry of all in 2020 was the airline industry. In their delicate economic state, your first instinct might be to think that flights are skyrocketing in price. However, this is proving not to be the case. 

Following the patterns of flight prices after national disasters in previous decades, there has been a trend of drastically reduced fares and special add-on deals designed to entice fliers. Domestic flights in the United States are cheaper than ever, even if you’re buying tickets close to the 2020 Christmas season.

You might want to take advantage of this while it lasts, however. Once airlines have their demand back to normal, prices are likely to increase by as much as 27% by 2025. Additionally, while flight costs are reducing drastically across the United States, international travel is still complex and often expensive. Do your research to see if it’s possible to enter your target country, and check flight prices for different airlines, eg. from Delta Airlines reservations official site and check dates to discover the best deal.

Flight Pice

5. A Rise in Outdoor Adventures

Where better to avoid crowds than the great outdoors? More and more tourists are opting for socially-distanced nature adventures like road trips in a caravan, camping in a national park, or long-distance hiking tours. The fresh air is welcome after so long inside.

You don’t have to forsake modern conveniences to get out into the wild. If you want to keep your Wi-Fi and plumbing, consider glamping experiences. Essentially a middle ground between camping and a full-service hotel, glamping has been hailed as 2020’s hottest travel trend. Offerings vary, but you can generally expect to find comfortable accommodation in the form of tents or small cabins, all located in a breathtaking natural landscape.

6. More Utilization of Travel Agencies

Travel agencies bring expertise to the table that will come in handy in 2021. They’ll be able to sift through the noise of thousands of companies clamoring for your tourism to arrange travel plans that adhere to the best safety guidelines. 

Thanks to their extensive experience in and knowledge of the travel industry, travel agencies can get the best group discounts on corporate travel services and family vacations. They’ll also be able to utilize their industry connections to get you the best post-pandemic deals for 2021 travel. In case of a snag in your plans, you can contact your travel agent directly and resolve any problems much quicker than if you were on your own.

7. Less Travelling with Strangers

Prepare to see an influx of privately-booked group travel come 2021. For a while, we’re probably going to see fewer tour buses and cruises packed with strangers and more private-group tours and bookings. 

All-inclusive tours are popular thanks to the local knowledge of the tour guide, group discounts, ease of travel, and many more reasons. You don’t have to forsake group travel for social distancing—simply book a private group package with your family or coworkers rather than with strangers.

8. Longer Stays with Remote Work

An extended lockdown means people are going to look for extended vacations. Additionally, the rise of remote work capabilities in the last year means a lot more people are going to be able to work from the comfort of their vacation destination, allowing for much longer trips.

People might opt to spend an entire season away from home. The beginning months of 2021, when it’s cold in most of the northern hemisphere, might see a lot of people trading their home offices for a beachside resort in the tropics.

The Future of the Travel Industry

Evidently, the travel industry isn’t going anywhere in 2021 and beyond. Instead, it will continue to adapt to the safety and comfort needs of travelers. So if you’ve got the travel itch, there are plenty of options for booking safe travel plans now.

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