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7 Best Beaches In Chicago That Will Take Your Breath Away

Best Beaches In Chicago

One of the liveliest cities in the United States, Chicago is known for its bold architecture and enthralling landscape. This windy city totally lives up to its name and, therefore, lures travellers from every roof and corner of the world. It is always said that summers in Chicago and beach vacations go hand in hand. This city is home to numerous pristine beaches whose majestic beauty will surely fascinate you and leaves you with the urge to visit here over and over again. Read the blog to the end, and find out the complete information about the 7 best beaches in Chicago to explore accordingly.

7 Best Beaches In Chicago

Who on this planet doesn’t love to enjoy a beach vacation? Well, if you are one of them, add the beaches below to your itinerary and enjoy a relaxing time with your near and dear ones. The beaches reflect the shimmering beauty that the USA beholds. No matter whether you are a water baby or not, chilling out at these beaches is something that no vacationer wants to miss out on.

1. North Avenue Beach

North Beach in Chicago
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Let’s unfold the list with the very famous and stunning North Avenue Beach and there is a reason to add this name at the very beginning. Lies north of downtown Chicago, this beach is a perfect place to enjoy the true Chicagoan experience. Its heavenly beauty and clear water will surely take your breath away and keeps you spellbound for a longer time. Furthermore, this beach is famous for offering picturesque views of the city. Here, you can have fun with the sand and take part in several volleyball matches to enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

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2. Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach

The next one on the list is Oak Street Beach. Home to numerous palm trees and endowed with a mind-boggling number of activities, this gorgeous beach is known for its white sand and delectable beach food. Placed on North Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, this beach provides a tranquil waterside escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Oak Street Beach is unarguably the perfect place to unwind and relax.

3. 12th Street Beach

12th Street Beach
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One of the famous lake beaches in Chicago, 12th Street Beach is located in close proximity to Lake Michigan. This is a famous hanging-out area for migratory birds as well and grabs the attention of bird lovers from far and wide. This place is also known to host several summer concerts and, therefore, you are advised to get updated with the dates while planning your trip to Chicago.

4. Hollywood Beach In Chicago

Hollywood Beach In Chicago
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Hollywood beach in Chicago is one of the best beaches in Chicago, which is officially known as Kathy Osterman Beach, this astonishing beach is highly famous amongst the LGBT community of Chicago. One of the prominent Edgewater destinations in Chicago, Hollywood Beach grabs the eyeballs of visitors because of its white sand and crystal clear waters. In addition to this, what makes this beach stand out is the concession stand that offers you tempting seafood and alcoholic drinks at a cost-effective price.

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5. Montrose Beach

Montrose Beach
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Yet another famous beach that you must add to your itinerary is Montrose Beach in Chicago. This beach is an ideal destination for those holidaymakers who wish to bring their furry friends to their beach. If a perfect day on the beach with the pups splashing in the water is what you desire, then visit Montrose Beach and get the kayak and volleyball rentals and visit food concessions.

6. Tobey Prinz Beach

Tobey Prinz Beach
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Planning your Chicago trip in Summer? If so, then Tobey Prinz Beach is perhaps the ideal destination to visit. Named after the famous social activist Tobey Prinz, this beach is famous for its magnificent skyline and jaw-dropping views. Make sure to carry a camera with you and don’t miss capturing some of the picture-perfect shots in your lenses.

7. Lane Beach

Lane Beach

Let’s wrap up the list with yet another famous option which is none other than Lane Beach. This quiet and laid-back counterpart is ideal for those vacationers who would love to spend some quiet and peaceful beach time. A playground is also located on the western side of the beach where you can enjoy several beachside games.


Chicago is not only a city of architectural marvels and cultural attractions but also a city with stunning beaches along the shores of Lake Michigan. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant beach with a lively atmosphere or a serene spot to relax, Chicago has a beach for every preference. From Oak Street Beach to Lane Beach, each of these 7 beaches in Chicago offers a unique experience that showcases the beauty of Chicago’s waterfront. So, pack your sunscreen, towel, and beach gear, and explore these captivating beaches in the Windy City.

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