Kinnaur Tourism

Kinnaur is the southern eastern district of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on the National highway No-22. The state capital shimla is around 250 km away. It is the one of the most beautiful hill sations of Himachal that is known for green valley, snow covered mountains, orchards and mountains peaks. It is laso known as the Land of Gods and Land of Growing Fruits like apple, peaches, pine nut, almonds, palam and the list goes on. Rivers are also the major attractions here, touristers are one stop there destination for river rafting. Sutlej, spiti, Baspa river etc are some of the main river that covered the Kinnaur area. It is the all time favourite hill sations of the honeymooners and those who love to visit the real natural beauty and also for the adventure lovers who want to enjoy their adventure sports. There are so many tourist places to visit in kinnaur.

Tourist Places to See in kinnaur tourism :

Recong Peo : It is 38 km away from sangla villag. It is most visited temple that has recently built a gompa. Where Holliness Dalai Lama conducted a kal chakra ceremony in 1992. There are so many mountains and peaks for adventures. Recong peo is main inter state buss terminal from where can tourister can reach by bus from shimla.

Kalpa : Kalpa is a little known town situated in the lap of 199965 feet kinner kailash peak and 14 km beyond Recong peo. This is beautiful sight early in the morning when the rising sun touches the snowy peaks with gold light.kinnaur sangla valley

Sangla valley : Sangla valley has been named after beautiful village sangla. This valley satrs 57 km short of kalpa. This is the most beautiful valley in this district to visit. A temple of Nages god and other places are Sapni, Rackcham, Kilba, Kamru fort which can also be visited. It is also known as Baspa valley becouse Baspa river flows through this area.

The climate of the Kinnaur enjoys a temperate climate, with long winters from october to may and short summers from june to september. Best time to visit is May to october. In winter season most of the roads are blocked due to heavy snow fall and the bike are tottaly banned in winter season. The nearest airport is Shimla no Direct flight to Kinnaur. The distance is 255.3 km and time take 8h 48 min to raech Kinnaur from Shimla and Delhi to Kinnaur distance is 612.2 km and time take 15h 50 min via NH 1 and NH 22. It is the beautiful hill station to explore natural beauty.

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It is the beautiful district in Himachal covered with the heavy snow and there are many advantreous places, full of deadliest roads.