5 Best Things To Do In Bangalore Alone – 2024

Things To Do In Bangalore

The incredible aura and charm of Bangalore are indeed impossible to avoid! The delightful city is filled with picturesque lakes, bustling cafés, welcoming taverns, hip restaurants and alluring shopping districts. Once you have checked into one of the best hotels in Bangalore, there are unlimited alternatives for locations to explore and activities to enjoy, regardless of whether you are visiting the city alone as a visitor or for business purposes. Let’s have a look at a few of the best things to do in Bangalore alone has to offer.

5 Best Things To Do In Bangalore Alone

1. Explore Art At The Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath
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The Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath contains 18 paintings, sculptures and folk art galleries. Exhibitions of works by well-known artists are held in the other galleries here. The Mysore paintings, leather puppets and other items from Karnataka are on display in the folk art collection.

It contains a theatre outside, a studio for sculpting and a graphics studio. Parishath students create the majority of the artwork on the show. In addition, the Parishath has hosted several national-level art exhibition camps throughout the years, drawing the attention of some of India’s top artists. If you are enjoying solo travel, there is nothing better than exploring Art and heritage at this place.

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2. Take A Stroll In Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park Fun Things to Do in Bangalore
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One of the best fun things to do in Bangalore alone is take a stroll in Cubbon Park. Consider taking a stroll around the city’s greenest area before rush hour traffic gets going. Cubbon Park is the ideal location for a revitalizing walk to start your day. It is among the top destinations in Bangalore to visit and rejuvenate in the quaint environment.

This location is a calming feast for your senses, with more than 6000 plants and trees. Also, you can spot various flora blooming in their happiest phase in the early mornings. You can freely meditate, exercise or soak in the sun here.

3. Go For Bangalore Heritage Walks

Bangalore heritage walks
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Walking through a city, especially on a guided tour, has its appeal. As you participate in a walking tour, you discover many previously unknown city features in Bangalore. A unique thing about heritage walks is the connection you make with the city’s old charm and vibes.

Heritage walks here take you through ancient buildings and museums to let you explore the history behind them. Moreover, it is always a delight to have unexpected conversations with other travellers on your journey. So it is more like meeting new faces, networking and collaborating with the city’s people.

4. Sip Coffee In DYU Art Cafe

DYU Art Cafe Interesting Things to Do in Bangalore
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Drinking coffee at DYU Art Cafe is another interesting things to do in Bangalore, it looks like an old Kerala house, famous for its beautiful ambience and delicious food. Consider how the cafe’s open courtyards, gabled roof, red oxide flooring and cemented chairs all contribute to its charming appeal.

Of course, the eclectic touch is furthered by the artwork on the walls you admire as you have a cup of Cafe Mocha or Cold Coffee. Also, nothing better than roaming and clicking pictures at the cafe only to return to the comfortable rooms of Bangalore hotels.

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5. Say Hi To The Bengaluru Palace

Bangalore Palace

The Majestic Bangalore Palace is the pinnacle of beautiful architecture and keeps the flavour of previous imperial splendour. The palace serves as Bangalore’s main draw today. It is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore for singles, as you indulge in history, Art and heritage altogether.

The palace is built across 45,000 square feet and is incredibly large. The opulent palace is a fusion of Tudor and Scottish Gothic design making it a marvel! The palace’s wooden construction and the exquisite carvings inside and outside services to illustrate many aspects of royal culture.

There is something for everyone in the city, whether you want to learn more about its historical landmarks, gardens, and parks or its gastronomic scene!

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